This page is dedicated to the manga series, Angelique, which is based on the 1994 Super Famicom game. I have stumbled upon it while surfing the web on information on any relationship games for females & was directed to this series. After learning the characters and reading the mangas, I've come to love them & hope you will too. This series seems to be quite known in Japan, but unfortunatly, has yet still been introduced to the English speaking puplic. I hope I can help brouden this series to the public & would gladly like to hear from you (for help since my Japanese is quite limited as well).

Basic Story:
The Galaxy is governed and maintained by the Queen. But after some time, her powers weaken & a successor must be chosen to replace her. The Queen chooses 2 candidates to compete in what is known as the Queen Examination. These 2 candidates are taken to the Floating Land where they will board during the examination. Here, they are are given new continents and it is their task to cultivate them, to make them grow & prosper. In order to do this, they have to go & ask for the 9 different guardian's specific power which helps the continent. In the end, whoever does best becomes the new Queen & the other candidate becomes the new Queen's assistant.

But what attracts many fans are the 9 guardians you are able to interact with. The candidates have a choice to involve themselves with the guardians with business or to socialize, ultimately, to fall in love with one of them.